Jack Sidney
Novelist | Painter | Photographer


Jack Sidney is an Irish/Australian novelist and painter based in Berlin and Melbourne. Motivated by the age of the Anthropocene, Jack employs the increasingly antiquated art forms of the novel and paint on canvas to illustrate the quiet destruction of the natural world, the rapacious consumption of our children's future, and the precarity of our lives.

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In the Citadel, there are only two kinds of jobs. There are those who perform the abstracted professional tasks; finance, marketing, sales; the data crunchers of society. Then there are those who maintain the ancient automated computer systems that run all the city's services. All the rest, the "surplus society", are left to fend for themselves beyond the State's protection.

Winston is a skilled data cruncher, wrung out by the relentless pace of his work and living in fear of losing his State-allocated apartment. When by chance he meets Lucy Wallace, an Engineer, he is entranced by her world and her work. Exposed to ideas that challenge the accepted order, he is drawn into a dark conspiracy, the end of which lies revolution or madness.

As Above, So Below is the debut novel by Jack Sidney.

An alternative history spy thriller set in Europe during a Cold War between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Dmitri Dostoevsky, the great grandson of the Russian novelist, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, is sent across the Eastern Bloc states of the USSR by the KGB, to attend Dostoevsky Society Conventions; pompous literary shows held to celebrate the legendary author.

It appears as though the Soviet Union is using Dmitri to promote the regime, but in truth, they are using him in a plot to assassinate US President John Foster Dulles whilst he is in Germania, the new name for old Berlin. Dmitri takes this opportunity to escape the USSR, through Germany and into the West.

A sprawling thriller across the expanse of the European continent, All Along the Rubicon reimagines how dramatically different our world could be, whilst shining a lens on our own institutions and fraying social cohesion.

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